Multi Culti

The project by alumni of interregional "New Horizons" aims at creating intercultural dialogue in the Northern Caucasus of Russia. In several regions children aged from 6 to 14 will learn about different types of animated cartoon, how to create personages, how to create plots and to select scenes, how to prepare backgrounds and decorations,how to dub and edit animated cartoons. Folk fairytales and poems will be the basis for these animated cartoons. They will help to start a discourse and dialogue about culture and traditons. 

The project is the winner of the competition 2016, a competition by MitOst in cooperation with the Ernst Schering Foundation. 

Project information

When? May–June 2016

Where? Northern-Caucasus, Russia

Project manager: Syuzanna Avanesyn

Project team: Sophia Shakirova, Anastasiya Pobednova

Contact: 94.moskau(at)