Life in a Day

How does everyday life of a Roma in the Balkans look like? Which barriers has a person with disabilities have to break down each day? "Life in a Day" is a film collage of several stories told by individuals belonging to some of the marginalised groups at the Balkan and Germany. Without any interference by the film team, they will present one typical day of their lives and their own unique perspective. This simultaneous double perspective opens on one hand insight views and how these protagonists perceive their world around them. On the other hand we are also able to capture how the rest of the society is perceiving them.

The main goal of this project is to raise awareness about the challenges that marginalised people are facing. Thus the audience will get one step closer to these unique perceptions while being confronted by them at the same time.

At the International MitOst-Festival 2016 the film will be screened and discussed. Furthermore, the film will be used as educational material in the future.

Project Information

When: January–April 2016

Where: Serbia and neighbouring countries, Germany

Project manager: Ljiljana Šotra

Team: Jovana Lopičić

Contact: ljiljana.sotra(at)