First Choice

The project "First Choice" aims on fostering political opinion-making in youth/young adults. It initiates a long term discussion about tolerance and minorities. Within the framework of the film screenings "First Choice" in Budapest and Berlin, talks and discussions about these topics with young people in the audience will be organised

The film was shot in spring 2014 during the last presidential elections in Hungary. In the 30 minutes long documentary film we meet two young women from Hungary. At first sight, their wishes and hopes do not seem to differ from each other a lot. But one of them votes for the right-wing extremists, the other is Roma.

The documentation serves as a basis for talks and thought-provoking impulses for the young people. At the International MitOst-Festival 2016 the film will be screened and the results of the discussions in Berlin and Budapest will be presented.

Project Information

When: March–April 2016

Where: Berlin, Germany & Budapest, Hungary

Project manager: Bérengère Vogel

Team: Linn Löffler

Kontakt: bvovette25(at)