Better Together

Better Together is an integrated arts project for young people in Ukraine that celebrates collaboration and connections between disabled and non-disabled people.

From a week of Research and Development and the experience of Shelter's ongoing work in Kryviy Rih, it is clear that there is a lack of opportunities for young people with disabilities to integrate with other young people. We have also found that there is a lack of opportunities for young disabled people to engage in the performing arts. There is a prevailing attitude in Kyrivy Rih that the arts are not for disabled young people. But across the city there are an array of grass-roots, self-initiated projects and programmes aimed at building support systems and campaign movements- most notably established by single mothers of disabled children. We plan to work with the Kryviy Rih community to develop an intensive week long project that will bring together 40 professional and emerging disabled and non-disabled artists for a week of collaboration and performance making before performing to an audience of over 1,000 in central Kyrivy Rih.

We will bring expertise from London and Kiev in order to support parents to help their children to engage and equip them with skills to aid engagement in mainstream settings moving forward.

By bringing together NGOs and individuals working towards an integrated society in Kryviy Rih, we endevour to make this project a spring board for a shift of perceptions around disabilities in the city and more widely across Ukraine.

We will publish an accessible Tool Kit around the creation and running of integrated arts work and host a celebratory dissemination event at Lyric Hammersmith to share our learnings and experiences in the UK.

The Project is the winner of the contest 2016, competition by MitOst in cooperation with the Ernst Schering Foundation. 

Projekt information

When? June 2016

Where? Kryviy Rih, Ukraine

Project manager: Sylvia Harrison

Project team: Becky Martin, Oleksandr Romancha, Olesia Romancha

Contact: sylvia.harrison(at)