Art at the neighbors

“Art at the neighbours” is a 3-day meeting of 40 young Azerbaijani and Georgians, active in the sphere of art for social change and culture in Zugdidi (Georgia). There will be 5 thematic groups: theatre, social entrepreneurship, cuisine, urban/rural space, visuals and handmade. The goal is to create a platform for exchange between young artists or social workers using art and culture as an instrument for social change. While experiencing dialogue, mutual differences and similarities, participants will have the chance to deal with different perspectives and learn about methods of conflict prevention. They will create art for social change and reflect on art in the different communities in South Caucasus. The project team is dreaming about a lively communication and cooperation between all South Caucasian countries in the future, not only between Azerbaijan and Georgia, but also Armenia and Russia.

When: August–October 2016

Where: Zugdidi, Georgien

Project manager: Marta Gawinek-Dagargulia

Team: Zarif Bakirova, Nurana Mamedova, Naila Ismayilova, Namaz Karimov, Tamar Dagargulia, Ilia Tsaishvili

Contact: martagawinek(at)