Workshop "Belarus Votes" – A trilateral election blog for the Belarusian presidential election

On 15th of October 2015, presidential elections will again be held in Belarus. The autorcratic President Alexander Lukashenko aims to become elected for the 5th term of office. In order to raise awareness of the deplorable state of civil rights in Belarus we plan to create a multilingual election blog. It will be run by a team of 15 students and young professionals from Belarus, Poland and Germany.

Form 13th to 16th of August, a preparation workshop including all participants will be held in Berlin in order to set the editorial priorities, create a roadmap and get briefed on relevant issues. Experts on Belarus, election monitoring and journalistic writing will give lectures.

Within the workshop, there will be a public presentation and discussion, open for all MitOst members, touching the following topics:

  • "The political system of  Belarus" (Fabian Burkhardt, Graduate School for East- and Southeast European Studies, LMU Munic)
  • "Researching in Belarus – institutions and organisations" (Maryna Rakhlei, German Marshall Fund of the United States)
  • "Elections and election monitoring in Belarus" (N.N.)

The event will take place on Friday, 14th of August 2015, from 9am to 1pm, at the "German Marshall Fund of the United States", Voßstr. 20., 10117 Berlin.

Due to limited space, please register in advance under marco.fieber(at)




Project information

Implementation period:
13th–16th of August 2015

Place: Berlin, Germany

Project management:
Marco Fieber

Project team:
Rainer Bobon,
Malwina Gebhardt,
Anne Reis,
Folke Eikmeier,
Benjamin Hausner