Wendezeiten – Journalistic Workshop

Within the framework of the “Wendezeiten” German-Polish-Russian film days, we are organising a journalistic workshop in Ulyanovsk for German, Polish and Russian participants. In order to participate in the workshop, participants must possess a deep knowledge of transformation processes in their home country. For one week, participants will collaborate in trilateral working groups to deal with processes of transformation in Russia – for example, Lenin’s birthplace of Ulyanovsk. As a result, audio features, video documentation, and written essays will describe the current atmosphere of change. Experiences of witnesses will be documented, reflected upon, and contextualized within these events.

Find more on the blog timesofchangeproject.wordpress.com. 

Project information

When: April 2015

Where: Ulyanovsk, Russia

Project manager: Johanna Sievers 

Project Team: Cornelia Reichel


Call for participation