"Was ist Heimat?" – Wohnen, Gehen, Fliehen, an einem (neuen) Zuhause ankommen

The Berlin Human Rights Group and MitOst member "PRAVO. Berlin Group for Human Rights in Ukraine" plans, in cooperation with the Kiev Human Rights Film Festival "Docudays UA", presentations in Berlin and Ivano-Frankivsk of several movies dealing with human rights. The focus will be on the issue of "migration", as this field can be seen as a binding element between Berlin and Ivano-Frankivsk. Together with activists coming from these two cities, possible solutions given by the movies and their applicability should be discussed. Two exciting series and discussions are planned. The results will be published on the project website.

Project information

Implementation period: 1 Juny – 31 December 2015

Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine / Berlin, Deutschland

Project management: Oleksandra Bienert

Project team:
Lesja Seifert
Jakob Mischke
Manfried Hammer

Contact: oleksandra.bienert(at)gmx.de