Sarajevo Mindmap

Sarajevo Mindmap is an interdisciplinary project focussing on Sarajevo as an urban space. The idea is to develop an international platform, enabling dialogue between artists from different disciplines (dance, choreography, theatre, film, video, documentary) and inhabitants of the city. The project aims at encouraging the people living in the city to get involved and to actively think about Sarajevo as their city. According to the results of this reflection process, and with the help of workshops, documentaries as well as presentations, an alternative, "psycho-geographical" map of Sarajevo should be drawn and be compared with the European perception of the city.

Joanna and Anna tell you about their project

We are glad to share with you, the MitOst community what we were able to achieve eith the support through the grand"'Cultural and Langauge Projects" (now Join-in projects). First of all it was an exciting time getting to know Sarajevo citizens. Interviewing, leading performing art workshops, creating a documentary-dance performance and organising a photo exhibition.

In our research in Sarajevo, we aimed to get the attention back to the city itself through our art projects, and to contribute to the local society. We focused on engaging local people to reflect on the city space by sharing stories, pictures, taking part in common activities: film, theatre, dance and mix-ability dance workshops. We invited citizens to take part in creating a storyline of the performance about their city.

Dance and Theatre Workshops
We were happy to provide summer activities for these teenagers, youth, kids, and adults who didn't have time or money to leave the city for holidays. Contemporary dance classes are very rare in Bosnia. For some people it was a first dance experience and some of them want to continue and felt encouraged to join more courses. Together with Tanzelaria  a contemporary dance organization we are planning to provide more dance activities in Sarajevo in the future.

Teenagers from Theatre Workshops that were working with Zulfikar Filandra decided to continue their work as a theatre group. Sarajevski Ratni Teatar agreed to offer a working space for teenagers' initiative.

Here are some videos documenting the workshops:

'From Deja-Vu To Jamais-Vu': A Photo Story of Sarajevo
Film workshop participants of all ages and different paths of life have set out to create photo sequences that capture their experience, either factual or sensual. Depicting space of Sarajevo through images, using their feelings as their one and only compass.

"Whatever feelings or memories that haunt you, there is a way to perform it, and it is worth doing so because there's a chance someone else is haunted by the same. And when we share, we realize our experiences are special and individual but not unique, well our life simply becomes less of a lonely place." by Binca Lucas

film workshops video

"Još jedan vrt zemaljskih radosti"/ "Another Garden of Earthly Delights"
"Love, hate, feeling of unfairness and being lost - this is how citizens of Sarajevo described their life situations. All the comments – even though so different – had a common feature: they were expressed with strong passion and engagement. "Another Garden of Earthly Delights" – a dance documentary performance - was inspired by personal stories of people and their strong feeling of life. The interviews held in SARTR in June 2015 served as a base for performance's storyline. The performance was included to theatre repertory.

Check out their webpage to see more pictures and videos, read about the project and join the upcoming events and courses:

Project information

Implementation period:
July 2015

Place: Sarajevo, Bosnia/Herzegovina 

Project management: Joanna Zielińska

Project team:
Anna Kosiorowska