The Republic of Moldova between East and West

During this study trip, participants will learn more about the EU’s eastward expansion and will be introduced to the political, social and economical milieu of the Republic of Moldova. The project aims to foster an in-depth understanding of the region’s current conflicts and obstacles. At the same time, participants will also consider possible solutions to prevent the repetition of violent conflicts – such as the current situation in Ukraine, or in early 1990s-Transistria. Through open and transparent discussions with representatives and critics of EU expansion, participants will gain a nuanced understanding of the situation of the ground. Another goal of this project is to challenge stereotypes through personal meetings and dialogues. A return visit is planned.

Project information

When: Januar–März 2015

Where: Berlin, Chişinău & Tiraspol

Project manager:
Marco Schwarz, Ostblick Berlin e.V.

Project Team:
Lukas Schulte

Project blog:

Deadline: 24. Januar 2014