Mindependence project, following the recent, appalling events in Europe and its neighbouring regions, unfolds around the topic of "Media Independence and Freedom of Expression". In this direction, it aims to raise awareness and highlight bold and innovative practices of media independence.
The project’s first phase takes the shape of a series of mini-docs featuring independent media organizations while illustrating the local context in which media operate.
As a starting point, three countries have been selected - Hungary, Turkey and Egypt - based on the occurrence of censorship, state control and violations of media pluralism, in order to fuel the debate on the challenges, restrictions and respective tactics of editorial independence.

Project information

Implementation period:
April – September 2015

Place: Hungary, Turkey, Egyp

Project management:
Martha Bouziouri

Project team:
Μartha Bouziouri
Ahmed Zacharia
Hunor Kirali
Zekeriya Dündar