Membranes – Literary Performances in Motion

We are not the same as one another, but we are not different either. We are somewhere in between. We are replacing borders with membranes and trading definition for negotiation. To the concept of cultural identity, we respond with the proposal to perceive culture as motion. “Membranes – Literary Performances in motion“ is a process-oriented art piece that will be jointly created by writers and performance artists from Germany and Russia. On two evenings at the Leipzig based art space Бükü – Büro für kulturelle Übersetzungen, the audience will experience the diversity of literature and its connection to other art genres.

Project information

Januar bis Februar 2015

Where: Leipzig, Deutschland

Project manager:
Kristina Semenova

Project team:
Kristina Jurotschkin
Olga Vostretsova
Olav Amende