Fußball, weiblich // Football, female

Within the project "Football, female," a series of documentary photographs will be produced depicting ordinary female football players from five Central-and Eastern European countries. The camera’s focus will not be on professional-class or international players, but rather on amateur teams that train regularly and dedicate everything to their team. "Football, female" aims to explore commonalities and differences between countries in portraying the emotions and profiles of female players, and by presenting football as a female sport. Why do you play football? What does the sport mean to you? These are some of project’s core questions. Besides photographs, interviews will be conducted and texts will be written to create a new dialogue. Through this project, new contacts and networks will be developed between the football clubs, as well as MitOst members,. As a result, new bridges between Germany, Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic and Ukraine will be built.

Project information

Januar bis Oktober 2015

Where: Deutschland, Polen, Tschechien, Slowakei, Ukraine

Project manager: Hiedi Beha

Project team:
Pavlina Martinu