Doing Projects at MitOst

Your Idea

Bringing together young artists from Russia and Germany in a joint exhibition, documenting the daily life of Sinti and Roma in a short movie, answering anti-Semitic tendencies among young people in Hungary and Germany with a series of postcards or rising environmental awareness in Moldova with an installation of recycling-art: These are ideas of MitOst members that they were able to realise with the help of MitOst.
We are sure there are a lot more interesting ideas for projects and we are looking forward to hear about them and support them if possible!

You have a project idea and you are MitOst member? Please do not hesitate to contact us!

Project Application

MitOst offers different formats for the implementation of your project. Find out here about the different project formats and funding conditions.

Here you can find an overview over all MitOst member projects that have been realised so far.

Advice and Support

The Project Advisory Board will help you writing your project application and answers all your questions, no matter if it is your first project or your twelfth. Please do not hesitate to contact the Project Advisory Board in order to present your idea or in case you have any questions. Its representatives provide support voluntarily. All of them are experienced in project management and are able to help you to put your idea in concrete terms and to find the right source for financial support. Please find their contact and all further information here.

Project Implementation

Congratulations to the acceptance of your application! At this point, we will send you a package with all documents and information you will need for your project management. But maybe there are still some questions to be answered at this stage of your project implementation? Therefore, during the whole process of your activity, there will be a mentor at your side.

Project Closure

At the end of your project, you need to hand in your final accounting, a final report and the documentation of your project to the MitOst headquarters. Here, you can download all documents you need. MitOst can issue a certificate, attesting what exactly you have done and achieved in your project.


MitOst supports only projects of its members. Information how to become a member you can find here.

Project Advisory Board

MitOst members have the possiblity to receive mentoring and financial support for the implementation of their own projects. The honorary Project Advisory Board decides upon project applications and helps during the process of project management. For questions please contact the Project Advisory Board: projektbeirat(at)