Mailing List

Do you want to inform other members of MitOst about events, announcements and publications or send a call for participation in projects or other MitOst activities?

You are welcome to use the MitOst-mailing list. In order to receive mails from other participants, please subscribe to the list. If you are a MitOst member but didn’t subscribe, you can still send mails through the list.

How to subscribe?

To subscribe open the following link and register with your name, email address and password. After a verification of your membership by MitOst, you will be added to the list and receive all the emails.

How to send mails?

If you want to send a mail via this list, please send it to mailingliste(at) The administrators will then check your member status and see if your mail complies with our code of conduct. In that case your mail will be forwarded to all recipients of the list.

Code of Conduct

In order to keep the mailing list attractive to all of its members, there are some rules to be considered.

  • No attachments. Please write your text within the mail itself. This means: no word documents or pictures can be sent via this list!
  • When answering previous mails: Please do not quote the whole mail, but only the sections you directly refer to.
  • No spam, no advertisements, no chain letters, no hoaxes (pseudo virus alerts or anything similar), no private mails.
  • If possible, please send your mail as an ASCII-text and not as an HTML-mail

How to unsubscribe?

At the bottom of every mail you receive you will find an email address you can contact in order to unsubscribe from the list.


If you have any questions or technical problems, please do not hesitate to send an email with a short description of your problem to info(at)

Who receives emails from the mailing list?

MitOst has 1.400 members. Mails that are sent via this mailing list will not automatically be transmitted to all members, but to those who have registered for the list. Currently there are about 500 people on the list.