Once a year, MitOst invites all its members to join the MitOst-Camp. During this event, participants work intensively on the strategy and development of MitOst, discussing future challenges and brainstorming innovative solutions.

MitOst-Camp 2017


This year’s MitOst Camp will take place in Berlin from 9th till 11th June 2017. Since we expect wonderful weather and good ideas and exchange need free space, this year we would like to get outdoors and closer to nature. By the motto “Walk and Talk” we would like to head out and focus on the relevant strategic questions.


We want to exchange on current development of MitOst and it's member and alumni work. Membership, Impact and Network are three notions which define the frame of the questions we would like to discuss. What does membership 2017 mean to you and how can MitOst position itself in the future as a member association? How can MitOst better support the activities of members, alumni and the extended network? How can office and volunteers work together in a meaningful and effective way in the framework of the main thematic areas of MitOst? What specific offers and structures do we need to achieve impact and positively change society?

Find the invitation and the registration here. You can register until 28 May 2017. 


The next MitOst-Camp takes place form in between April and June 2019. 


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