MitOst Camp

Once a year, MitOst invites all its members to join the MitOst-Camp. During this event, participants work intensively on the strategy and development of MitOst, discussing future challenges and brainstorming innovative solutions.

MitOst Camp 2019

***MitOst Camp Report 2019***

With the MitOst Camp Report we give you insight into the discussions of the MitOst Camp and the preparations for this year's Members’ Assembly. The MitOst Camp 2019 was a milestone in the governance structure process decided by the 2018 Members’ Assembly.

At the end of May, over 30 participants gathered at the Berlin office – including long-term members and new members, alumni and active non-members; Representatives of partner organisations; People who understand MitOst as a network and people who feel connected to the structure of the association; as well as employees of the MitOst office from a total of 10 different countries. The aim of the MitOst Camp 2019 was to present and discuss proposals for a future governance structure of MitOst.

Based on the results of the MitOst Camp, the MitOst Board and the Managing Directors are currently preparing joint proposals for the 2019 Members’ Assembly. At the MitOst Festival in Budapest and in the MitOst Agora, you will have the opportunity to engage with the governance structure process and shape the next steps. Registration for the festival is still possible until the 31st of August.

Read here the MitOst Camp Report 2019.

Dear friends, members, alumni, and partners of MitOst,

the MitOst Board invites you to take part in the MitOst Camp 2019 which will take place in Berlin from the 24th to 26th of May 2019.  

Purpose of the MitOst Camp
As decided by the MitOst Members’ Assembly 2018, this year’s MitOst Camp will serve as a milestone in the current Governance Structure Process at MitOst. The aim of the MitOst Camp is to discuss the proposals for a future governance structure for MitOst, to develop one or more of these proposals, as well as to design the process until its resolution in the Members’ Assembly on 5th of October 2019. The MitOst Camp’s documentation will be made available and serve as a basis for further engagement in the process. 

Who are we looking for?
The MitOst Camp is designed to bring in diverse perspectives and expertise to shape and enrich the future governance proposals. We want to bring together a group of people from different backgrounds and with various connections to MitOst, such as members, alumni, partners and friends. We invite people from the entire MitOst network, which now extends to more than 45 countries. It is important that some of the participants of the MitOst Camp continue to support the process, especially in Budapest during the International MitOst Festival 2019. 

Hosts of the MitOst Camp
The 2019 MitOst Camp will be hosted by the Core Group, which was set up in October 2018 and is currently preparing the proposals for a new MitOst governance structure. Ljiljana Šotra and Sabrina Schulz represent the MitOst Board in the group. Representing members and alumni, Saskia Herklotz, Rozalina Laskova and Stelios Voulgaris were elected to the group following an application process. Annegret Wulff and Jotham Sietsma represent the office as managing directors, as well as Kathrin Oerters and Sebastian Schlüter as staff representatives.

How to apply for the MitOst Camp?

Please apply until 23rd of April via this online form. Working language is English. 

Travel and Reimbursements
Participants receive a travel allowance of up to 75% of their travel costs and a maximum of 200 euros. Participants from Germany receive 75% of their travel expenses and a maximum of 50 euros. Participants from Berlin or Brandenburg receive no travel allowance.

We ask you to pay attention to your ecological footprint during your travel planning. Please speak to us in advance if you want to arrive by plane. 

We would like to give a diverse group of people the opportunity to participate in the MitOst Camp and to contribute their motivation, skills and expertise regardless of their financial situation. Please inform us if you cannot attend the MitOst Camp with the existing reimbursement conditions.

If you need a visa, we will provide you with an invitation letter. 


For financial reasons, we would like to encourage those of you who are up for a fun alternative to staying in a hotel to couchsurf within the Berlin MitOst community — we will be happy to support you in finding a place! Alternatively, we can accommodate you in a hostel in Berlin.  
Question to all Berliners: Who has a free place to stay and is excited about meeting new people from the network? Please contact us at info(at) or post your offer/request in the Facebook group "MitOst Couchsurfing"

On Friday, we will welcome you in the afternoon with a sweet and salty snack. We will provide a vegetarian lunch and dinner on Saturday. On Sunday, we will close with a vegetarian farewell lunch. 

Open Saturday
The MitOst Camp is always an opportunity to get to know the MitOst community in and around Berlin. On Saturday, 25th of May 2019, everyone from the MitOst network will be invited to a harvest meeting followed by a party.

Background Information and Process 
MitOst has grown strongly in recent years - both as an organisation and as a network - and so has its field of activity. This growth has been accompanied by changes in structures and processes within the organisation. At the MitOst Camp and the MitOst Agora, there were repeated discussions as to how our organisational structure and decision-making processes could be adapted to the current circumstances. The governance structure process is dedicated precisely to this challenge.  

Based on the results of last year’s MitOst Camp and the MitOst Agora, MitOst’s Board and management have submitted a draft resolution to the Members’ Assembly in 2018 proposing a process for revising the governance structure of MitOst. The Members’ Assembly 2018 accepted this proposal and mandated the Board to oversee the process until the Members’ Assembly 2019. In order to involve as many interest groups as possible in this process, a Core Group with nine members was formed to prepare and facilitate the process. (Should the links not work you can find all documents here on our website:

You cannot attend the MitOst Camp?

Even if you are not able to participate in this year’s MitOst Camp, you can still suggest a topic, submit an idea or send us comments and feedback. For more information, see our call for action and feedback.  

If you have questions, email us at coregroup(at) or call us at +49 (0)30 31 51 74 63 – we will be happy to help!  

We are looking forward to your application!

Warm greetings, 
Ljiljana, Barbara, Sabrina, Nurana, Catharina and Karsten (MitOst Board),
Annegret and Jotham (MitOst Managing Directors)
Kathrin and Lisa (MitOst Network of Members and Alumni Department)


The next MitOst-Camp takes place form in between April and June 2019. 


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