MitOst Members

About 1400 members from 45 countries share the values of MitOst. Through the organisation, they maintain personal and professional contacts, engage in professional exchange and support each other beyond national borders. Members are actively involved in decisions regarding the strategic development of MitOst and vote for the honorary executive and project advisory boards. Some take part in regional or working groups to further shape the organisations' activities.

MitOst also encourages its members in the realisation of their own project ideas both through know-how and financial support. Over the years, MitOst members have implemented over 150 projects, ranging from meetings and workshops, to exhibitions, festivals, or public interventions.

These are the possibilities and activities available for members:

International MitOst-Festival

in Budapest, September/October 2019


All about MitOst-projects, different formats and funding possibilities.



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Engagement at MitOst - the possibilities at a glance.



Regional Activities

Find MitOst-members in your region - take part in an existing regional group or organise a new one!

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Learn how to become part of MitOst and why.



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