Regional Activities

Once a year, the MitOst Festival brings together network members from all over Europe and its neighbouring regions in an inspiring event where participants develop new ideas and initiate new projects. In addition to the festival, network members can meet each other throughout the year: during the BoschAlumniForum, during the MitOst-Camp or in projects. Moreover, regional groups organise meetings and activities in their local contexts.

Regional Groups at MitOst

Active network members have already founded regional groups in Uzhhorod, Hamburg, Stuttgart, Leipzig and in the South Caucasus. If you live in one of these regions – contact the group and get involved!

Founding a Regional Group

We encourage local, decentralised activities, as they offer possibilities for network members to find others with similar interests, work together towards MitOst’s goals, and exchange ideas with the loacl MitOst community.

There is no one definition of how a regional group should look, how many members it should have, or how often it should meet. Most of it is up to you, your plans, and your energy!

Regional Group Activities

The spectrum of potential group activities is very broad. Here are some suggestions:
Joint application for a MitOst project; visits to screenings of Central and Eastern European films; meals at Russian, Polish or Georgian restaurants; organising a MitOst party; biking and camping tours by the Baltic Sea; language tandems; MitOst Festival projects; cultural evenings with interesting authors or experts; flea markets to help fund MitOst projects.

Support from our Headquarters

Are you interested in founding a regional group but first need some information about network members in your area? Please do not hesitate to contact MitOst’s headquarters in Berlin (see contact box on the top right). We are looking forward to supporting you by providing contacts, spreading your calls on our website, and anything else we can do to support.


If you have questions regarding regional activities, please contact Kathrin Oerters at: