Projects 2015

Language- and Culture Projects

The Republic of Moldova between East and West

A study trip to Chişinău and Tiraspol

January–March 2015 l Berlin, Chişinău & Tiraspol

Football, female

Photo project: women's football in Central- and Eastern Europe

January–October 2015 l Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Ukraine 

Membranes – Literary Performances in Motion

January–February 2015 l Leipzig, Germany

Wendezeiten – Journalistic Workshop

March 2015 l Ulyanovsk, Russia

Sarajevo Mindmap

An interdisciplinary project: Sarajevo as urban space

July 2015 l Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Was ist Heimat? – Wohnen, Gehen, Fliehen, an einem (neuen) Zuhause ankommen

Movie series on the topic of migration

June–December 2015 l Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine / Berlin, Germany

Workshop "Belarus Votes"

A trilateral election blog for the Belarusian presidential election

August 2015 l Berlin, Germany

¡Alles anders?

A theatre project on Ukraine crisis

April–November 2015 l 4 cities in Ukraine, among them Ivano-Frankivsk


A cross-media project

April–September 2015 l Hungary, Turkey, Egypt


School of traditional singing

Workshop of traditional singing techniques

May 2015 l Kiev, Ukraine

Knowledge is Power

A theatre workshop

May 2015 l Belgrade, Serbia

Education Exists

April–June 2015 l Kiev, Ukraine


An interactive educational game

May 2015 l different places in the North Caucasus, Russia

KlickOst Projects

Inclusion now!

Future teachers' exchange on living with a disability in Samarkand

April–May 2015 l Samarkand, Uzbekistan