6 good reasons to join MitOst

Form cross-cultural connections

MitOst connects remarkable people from all over the world. Not only do our members stay in touch across state borders – they also have the opportunity to create or join regional peer groups, study groups, and expert networks.

Realise your own projects

Through the financial and professional support of other members you have the possibility to realise your own socially oriented project, including a final presentation for the members.

Join the MitOst-Festival

The best way to dive directly into MitOst is to attend the International MitOst-Festival – the annual meeting event for members. Every year, members and partners gather in one country to participate in an exciting and intensive programme. We warmly invite you to join the next MitOst-Festival!

Shape MitOst and be a part of its organisation

We view our organisation as a living organism that is constantly evolving and changing through the participation of each and every one of its members. We need your help in our committees—such as the Board of Directors and Project Advisory Board—as well as in our working groups, workshops, conference planning, content development, networking, members’ advisory, and activity planning. At MitOst you can discover your talents, absorb critical knowledge, and gain new experiences. Here you can bring your ideas, beliefs, and passions into action.

Stay informed

Our monthly newsletter informs you about the organisation’s recent achievements and ongoing projects. Additionally, you receive information about events, open calls, and deadlines for grant applications. Once a year, we also publish an issue of our own MitOst Magazine.

Support voluntary engagement

Your membership fee helps other members’ projects become a reality. With your contribution, you are also helping promote cultural exchange and active citizenship in Europe and its neighbouring regions.


Do you have any quetsions about becoming a MitOst-member?
Or about the membership?
Do not hesitate to contact us.
Please write to oerters(at)mitost.org