TANDEM - Cultural Managers Exchange

Ukraine - European Union - Moldova


About the Programme

The programme “TANDEM – Cultural Managers Exchange Ukraine – EU – Moldova” aimed at creating new and long-term cooperation links between selected cultural organisations in EU countries and important cultural actors in Moldova or Ukraine. Each tandem cooperation consisted of two cultural managers: one from the EU and one from Moldova or Ukraine. They planned jointly a project, which they executed during the object time/the period of the programme.

Mutual ten-day working placements to the partner organisations offered participants the opportunity to familiarise themselves with the environment and cultural practice of partner organizations and get an insight into the cultural scene of the tandem partner’s city, region and country. The working visits were complemented by joint workshops and seminars attended by all project participants, creating an opportunity for exchange with others beyond their tandems and thus forming a European cultural network. Through the trans-national character of the project the general matter of course is questioned and daily routines are no longer working as usual. Within this struggle a mutual awareness and understanding was formed and defined together with the collaboration partner. Stereotypical notions have proved to decrease over the Tandem cooperation period and a higher level of tolerance was developed.

The European Cultural Festival completed the Tandem project in May 2012 in Chisinau (Republic of Moldova). During the final presentation, the Tandem cooperations transformed the abandoned part of an old museum into a temporary vibrant place of arts and culture.


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