European Democracy Network (EDN)

The European Democracy Network (EDN) is transnational partnership to support, empower and connect activists who stand against the erosion of democracy and fundamental rights, and advocate for legal, political, social and climate justice, with the belief we can only encounter the shrinking of civic space in transnational solidarity and across issues.

The network activites consists of joint workshops and ‘citizens dialogues’ in the consortium’s geography, namely: Hungary, Poland, the Czech Republic, France, Slovakia, Denmark and Germany.

Through joint workshops, peer to peer exchanges and sessions take place - in areas such as secure digital communication, campaign management, etc. As we all a comparative knowledge exchange happens on how the process of eroding democracies in Europe develops legally, politically, medially and socially in order to enable the development of strategies to combat these developments.
Whereas the international citizens' dialogues underlines Europe's pressing questions should also be discussed jointly by citizens and common solutions should be found. These activities bring together a European public, media and politics in the dialogues of the citizens in order to educate, understand and have a broad impact on society.

more information on the activites, participants and the project archive, visit at:

The project European Democracy Network was funded with the support of the European Union under the Programme Europe for Citizens.