Civil Society Exchange

Civil Society Exchange is a programme designed for civil society organisations and initiatives from Turkey and Europe. It supports the idea of a united Europe through cross-border cooperation. We encourage civil society organisations to form and foster partnerships between Turkey and wider Europe and to work together in partnerships on capacity building models.

The purpose of the programme is to enable eight partnerships with 32 participants to work on one common organisational issue during six months and to develop a model to implement in their organisations. 

The programme addresses motivated and open-minded civil society actors who are part of an organisation or initiative in Turkey or Europe and who are excited about engaging in international exchange. We are looking for organisations which already have a partner organisation in Turkey (or wider Europe) or are interested in a partnership and wish to strengthen their capacity in a specific area.

Civil Society Exchange is a cooperation of MitOst and the Center for Civil Society Studies of Istanbul Bilgi University, and is supported by Stiftung Mercator.


Selim Özadar 
Project Coordinator 




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