Actors of Urban Change

We empower urban changemakers to work collaboratively in innovative ways for more sustainable, inclusive and just cities.

A programme by MitOst e.V. supported by the Robert Bosch Stiftung

We believe people should join forces to tackle the problems their cities face. We empower urban changemakers to try new ways of working together.

Actors of Urban Change is a community-driven, international good-practice network. We promote sustainable urban development in Europe, and believe in creating a culture of co-creation as a driving force for positive change. To do this, we foster collaboration between actors from the non-profit, public and private sectors.

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In an era of complex urban challenges, we are convinced that collective, lasting change can only happen if people with diverging ideas, experiences and perspectives work together: skilled, committed actors who are working toward a common purpose.

We empower urban changemakers to work collaboratively in innovative ways for more sustainable, inclusive and just cities. We do this by connecting and training actors from nonprofits, private enterprises and public institutions, then bringing them into a peer network where they can exchange, inspire and learn from each other.

Actors of Urban Change work in cities and towns all over Europe. We help them kickstart and shape local projects so they can become models for social innovation within their cities and throughout the continent. The Actors of Urban Change program is in its fourth round, which runs from Fall 2019 to Summer 2021. So far, more than 120 Actors from 36 European cities and 28 countries have joined our network.

How do we work?

In the program Actors of Urban Change, teams across Europe work for positive change in their cities – in a collaborative, inclusive and participatory way.  These teams are made up of one actor each from the nonprofit, the public and the private sectors. Together, they form a cross-sector partnership to tackle an urban development challenge within their city: how can growing cities best integrate newcomers? What can citizens do to green their communities and make them more resilient? How can civic life be renewed in neglected public spaces? The topic of each local project is determined by the actors’ passions; the project design should center on cultural activities and engage the local community.

What do we offer?

An international jury selects ten teams from different European cities every two years. Over a period of 18 months, the Actors teams receive multiple forms of support. Grants of €10,000 support their local project activities and their learning through the process. Additional grants offer actors the chance to travel individually to fellow cities in the Actors network to learn more deeply from the experience of their peers.

Who is it for?

Actors of Urban Change is designed to strengthen participants’ skills and practical experience as well as to foster knowledge sharing in the field of cross-sector collaboration and participatory urban development. It is for individuals who:

  • work in the nonprofit, the public or the private sector
  • apply as a local team with a joint project proposal for their city
  • are highly motivated to develop their skills in cross-sector collaboration and participatory urban development
  • are interested in international exchange and networking
  • are ambitious to engage in local project work as well as the international elements of the program
  • have a good command of English
  • are based in one of the 47 Council of Europe member states, Kosovo or Belarus.

The local projects need to address a particular aspect of urban or community development within their city (e.g. social inclusion and cultural diversity, affordable housing, environmental justice, the responsible use of resources). It must be relevant to the city’s development, innovative at the local level and it must involve the local community.

Actors of Urban Change regularly publishes newspapers which give insights into projects and topics in the field of sustainable and participatory urban development. The latest issue on "Urban Commons" is available for download at MitOst editions. Documentations of the last programme rounds 2015-17 and 2013-15 can also be found there.


Dr. Sebastian Schlüter
Programme Coordinator

Naomi Martin
Programme Manager

Joice Biazoto
Programme Communications Manager

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