Cultural Exchange

MitOst encourages cultural exchange and cross-sectoral cooperation.

We understand culture as a fundamental dimension of sustainable development, which allows the creation of meaning and identity and supports political participation and social inclusion. We are convinced that collaboration – common action of equals – is one of the essential preconditions for peaceful understanding and social innovation. 

MitOst therefore qualifies cultural managers for international collaboration and supports partnerships between cultural actors from Europe and its neighbouring regions. We also encourage cross-sectoral cooperation between actors from civil society, administration and business in order to promote social innovation and sustainable urban development. 

Cooperation programmes:

Tandem – culture without borders

Five Tandem programmes initiate collaborations between cultural managers from the EU, from Ukraine, Russia and Moldova, as well as from the Arab region and Turkey.

Actors of Urban Change 

fosters sustainable and participatory urban development through cultural activities and cross-sector collaboration in Europe.

Civil Society Exchange

Civil Society Exchange encourages civil society organisations to form and foster partnerships between Turkey and Europe and to work together in partnerships on capacity building models.

All-Around Culture

All-Around Culture Programme aims to foster a vital cultural ecosystem as an enabling environment for social and economic inclusion of young people in seven countries across the Arab region including Algeria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Palestine, Tunisia, and Libyan and Syrian communities in these countries.



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