Activities 2017

MitOst New Year’s Eve 2017/18
Since 2014, the MitOst New Year's Eve celebration takes place every other year and has already become a small tradition. It brings together alumni of various programmes, MitOst members and other friends.
The gathering takes place in different places and is organised by MitOst volunteers. The aim is to strengthen the MitOst identity across groups, to support informal exchange and networking among members, alumni and externals, and –last, but not least - to get to know the home countries of different MitOst members from a local’s perspective.
After Vienna 2013/14 and Pecs 2015/16 now it’s Bulgaria's turn. In the picturesque village of Oreshak, near the town of Troyan, we spend three beautiful days together. During the day we hike to the authentic village of Baba Stana, visit the third largest monastery in Bulgaria – the Troyan Monastery – and enjoy the national exhibition of Arts and Crafts. In the evening we stay home, cook and play together. We celebrate New Year's Eve in a traditional local Mehana.
Oreshak, Bulgaria | December 2017 – January 2018
Contact: Ivelina Kovanlashka

In Moldova, alumni and other young people around EcoVisio would love to have a bike and be able to cycle in their home towns like Chișinău, Bălți, Ungheni and Tiraspol (Transnistria), although the infrastructure is bad. The image of cycling is changing right now: from poor people vehicle to something slightly trendy. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to buy affordable safe city bikes. On the other hand, in Germany, many bikes rust in cellars and garages. The project #BikesCrossBorders brings 15 to 20 bikes from Germany to Iași (Rumania, EU border) where the Moldovan bike recipients will pick them up and cycle with them to Todirești (Moldova) before going on to Chișinău by train. The new bike owners will  send pictures and at least one letter to the donors. During a final meeting in Chișinău all of the town's cyclists are invited to join a "Critical Mass" event where cycling rules and experiences will be exchanged - and alumni get a chance to connect with the local bike activist scene. Blog article "Cycling in Moldova: a crazy idea or the only way to go?"
Uetersen - Iasi - Chisniau | May-August 2017
Contact: Julian Gröger

Potential is Power - Balkan Network and Future Workshop
In order to refresh the network of Alumni on the Balkans, develop a common vision for 2017+ and make the network and the idea of active citizenship more visible, 25 alumni from the region will meet in May in Tirana.
Tirana, Albania | 11-14 May
Kontakt: Nataša Zrnić

Forum of Social Entrepreneurship
The Forum wants to popularize the ideas of social entrepreneurship, sustainable development goals and corporate social responsibility and to give young entrepreneurs the chance to exchange about their experiences.
Kyiv, Ukraine | 25-26 February
Contact: Liliia Tkachuk

Слух - Networking in "Altes Wettbüro"
The project provides the opportunity for Dresden Alumni to socialise and to make plans for the upcoming year while listening to Eastern European and English live music.
Dresden, Germany | 13 January
Contact: Robert Zeißig