Activities 2013

Alumni Meeting Balkans let's get up!
Belgrade, Serbia | 6–8 November

Djangos Join In Music Workshop
Leipzig, Germany | 6–9 October

Nature Pavilion
Plovdiv, Bulgaria | 1–31 August

Network Meeting During the Festival "Suppe und Mucke"
Berlin, Germany | 23–25 August

Alumni Forum
Perm, Russia | 27–29 July

Alumni Meeting Europainstitut Klaus Mehnert
Kaliningrad, Russia | 27–30 June

Discovering 20th Century History in Warsaw - Alumni Meeting Tutors and SSI
Warsaw, Poland | 30 May-2 June

Platform of Inspiration
Khmelnytsky, Ukraine | 27–28 April

Alumni Meeting Robert Bosch Cultural Managers
Krakow, Poland | 9–11 April

Alumni Meeting "Europa Gestalten – Politische Bildung in Aktion"
Vienna, Austria | 28 February-3 March

MitOst Leipzig Community Meeting for the 11th Internationalen MitOst Festival
Leipzig, Germany | 9 February

Network Meeting of Polish Alumni Workshop Active Citizenship and Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg
Zelkow Gacki, Poland | 25–27 January

New Year's Meeting Robert Bosch Cultural Managers
Berlin, Germany | 5–6 January