Activities 2019

Conference "Brain Drain and Good Governance in Eastern and Southeastern Europe"
During the conference "Brain drain and good governance in Eastern and Southeastern Europe: Migration of skilled workers as a challenge for the countries of origin", alumni of the Carl Friedrich Goerdeler-Kolleg for Good Governance and alumni from the region exchange on migration of skilled workers from Eastern European countries. The conference focuses on the countries of origin and the connection between brain drain and (the absence of) good governance. The alumni have the opportunity to exchange ideas, to share their own stories and experiences with other participants, to deepen their knowledge on the connection between brain drain and (the lack of) good governance, and to develop concrete solutions for this shared challenge. The aim is for each participant to go home with new solutions, ideas and suggestion on how to address the problems associated with brain drain. (Working language is German.)
Belgrade, Serbia | Juni 2019
Project Manager: Paola Petrić

Look Around
During the project young people from Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan with no previous experience in intercultural exchange projects will gather to exchange on the topic of peacebuilding. They will engage in different formats of non-formal learning such as discussions, presentations and workshops. To create strong and real bonds between each other they will organise cultural evenings, cooking workshops and debates. The working language will be English.
Nukriani, Kakheti, Georgia | July-August 2019
Project manager: Anar Sultanzada

Study Trip: Serbia. Between West and East
During this socio-political study tour, we focus on contemporary Serbian history as well as on Serbian domestic and foreign policy, with particular attention to foreign policy issues such as Kosovo, relations with the EU and Russia, Chinese and other foreign investment. We also concentrate on the societal relevance and the consequences of these issues for civil society. With regards to domestic issues we will deal with discourses and developments in relation to transition, democracy, media, human rights, the Vojvodina and the status of minorities living there. In order to gain an insight into these topics, we meet with various civil society actors, representatives of science, the media and governmental organisations.
Belgrade, Serbia | May 2019
Project manager: Julia Suchar

Feel it
In this training, young people from Azerbaijan will gather to exchange on hate speech. They will learn how to recognise hate speech as a form of violence and how to prevent it. One of the outcomes will be a movie reflecting on the problems deriving from discrimination. The project aims at fostering appreciation for diverse societies where everybody is able to use their potential.
Azerbaijan; Georgia | February-July 2019
Project manager: Khatin Osmanli

Festival for Non-Formal Education
THK-Alumni from several Russian cities travel together to a festival for non-formal political education. They will not only attend the festival, but they will also offer workshops themselves and support the organisation of the festival. By fostering networking and exchange of actors in non-formal education the quality of youth work in educational institutions can be increased and thus the importance of non-formal education in Russian-speaking world will be strengthened.
Tschelabinsk, Russia | January 2019
Project manager: Olga Skobina