BoschAlumniForum VIII

BoschAlumniForum VIII - More democracy through citizen participation?

24-26th March 2017, Paretz in Ketzin/Havel

The topic of the eighth BoschAlumniForum, which traditionally takes place in "Helga Breuninger Akademie" in Paretz, dealt with the question "More democracy through citizen participation"? Around 50 alumni working or volonteering in the fields of politics, administration, culture, education, journalism, healthcare and NGOs, came together and brought their own perspectives to the topic. The Forum could largely benefit from the diverse expertises of the participants, who facilitated many discussions and met in peer-to-peer consultation rounds. Among the tackled topics were motivation at times of widespread frustration, right wing citizen participation, the representation of marginalised groups, digital citizen participation and the role of the media, participation in the arts and as a question of space, as well as the limits of citizen participation and the danger to consider it a panacea, something that is the solution to everything. A opening workshop of Daniel Oppold (Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies e.V) provided a framework for embeding the discussions in democracy theory. For some visual impressions of the Forum, have a look at the picture gallery. The drawing above is by Anja Mattenklott.