The format "BoschAlumniForum" was developed by MitOst and since 2017 is implemented as a cooperation between MitOst, the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin) and different partner organisations in Europe and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. The participants are invited to exchange their ideas on current political and social issues. Proposals for the next topics to discuss are always welcome.

The three-day meeting’s focus is on personal and professional exchange, reunion and personal and professional networking. In addition to discussions, presentations, expert talks and input presentations, there is room and time for informal discussions.


At the BoschAlumniForum a group of 30-50 people comes together. The participants have different social backgrounds,provide expert knowledge of diverse disciplines and are professionally active in different sectors. They bring along a large spectrum of perspectives from Europe and its neighboring regions.

With their knowledge and their experience the participants are shaping the programme significantly. They contribute examples from their current or past experience, moderate group discussions and are available for collegial advice. The hosting organisation contributes own questions from the local context to the discussion.

Participants are chosen through a short application procedure based on their personal and professional connections to the topic of the BoschAlumniForum.

Target group

The BoschAlumniForum is aimed at members of the Bosch Alumni network, the network of former holders of the Robert Bosch Foundation scholarship, as well as at all MitOst members, who nowadays hold responsible positions in political, economic, cultural, and civil society fields as well as in journalism or are self-employed and would like to give their expert opinion at the forum.

Hosts and Partners

In recent years the BoschAlumniForum has been hosted by the Helga Breuninger Foundation in its Paretz Akademie. With an eye for detail, an atmosphere was created that offered space for inspiring exchanges and teamwork.  Paretz is a small historic village surrounded by a wonderful Havel landscape which you can explore following on the cobblestones or by following narrow paths. . A part of the rural campus on the river Havel, around 40 km away from Berlin-Mitte, the Paretz Akademie offers a perfect framework for the BoschAlumniForum.

After hosting several BoschAlumniForum events in German, the International BoschAlumniForum is the first English language event, which is hoped to turn into an annual format. The 1st International BoschAumniForum is implemented by the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin), MitOst and the Portuguese organization 4iS plataforma para a inovação social and funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung. Together they are inviting to a journey along the railway track at the river Vouga, to Porto and Aveiro.

BoschAlumniForum IX

Zukunft der Arbeit: Der Mensch im Fokus

1. - 3. Juni 2018, Paretz in Ketzin/Havel