During the three-day BoschAlumniForum members of the MitOst Network as well as other active members of the Bosch Alumni Network in leadership positions, exchanges on a current socio-political topic. With differing social backgrounds and professional experience they contribute their expert knowledge from diverse disciplines and sectors. Moreover, they bring a wide spectrum of perspectives from all over Europe and its neighbouring regions.

With their knowledge and experience they co-shape the programme. As topic hosts, they define the topic for the forum and curate the event content-wise. As workshop hosts they share their expertise. As participants they share examples and practices from their respective realities and support each other with peer-to-peer councelling. During the BoschAlumniForum both personal and professional exchange, peer-to-peer learning and the further development of the network are fostered.

The format "BoschAlumniForum" was developed by MitOst and since 2017 is implemented as a collaboration between MitOst, the International Alumni Center (iac Berlin) and different partner organisations in Europe. It is funded by the Robert Bosch Stiftung.

Since 2017, the German-language edition of the BoschAlumniForum is complemented by an English-language version on a non-regular basis.

Hosts and Places

Host of the German-language BoschAlumniForum has been the Helga Breuninger Stiftung with its Paretz Akademie for several years. With care for detail an atmosphere is created that offers space for inspiring exchange to all participants. Paretz is a picturesque, historic village situated at the heart of the river scenery of the Havel river. As part of a small country-side campus at the banks of the Havel, approximately 40 kilometres from Berlin, the Paretz Akademie offers a perfect setting for the BoschAlumniForum.

The host organisations of the English-language edition of the BoschAlumniForum not only host the event but also defines the topic inspired by the local context.

BoschAlumniForum 2020

Digitalisierung: Was ist der Preis und das Potential technischen Fortschritts?

24.-26. April 2020, Paretz in Ketzin/ Havel