Goals of our alumni work

Knowledge Exchange

Alumni merge and share their experiences with others. Through this knowledge exchange, alumni can effectively identify and confront specific topics, resulting in higher quality outcomes.

Expert Networks 

Alumni with common thematic or regional interests are brought together to strengthen their professional activities. As a result, broad interdisciplinary and issue-specific expert networks are formed, facilitating new initiatives and collaborations.

Sustainable commitment/involvement

After finishing their fellowship programmes, alumni continue to be active and participate in various networks and activities. In this way, their engagement extends far beyond the original scope of their fellowship and allows them to contribute to programmatic objectives and goals in a sustainable way.

Keeping in Touch

Alumni stay in touch even after the granting period of their programme has ended. We support contact between different regions, generations, and groups of alumni. Meetings, exchanges, and information sharing foster the development of new ideas and activities.


If you have any questions concering our alumni goals or our alumni activities, please do not hesitate to contact us under: alumni(at)mitost.org