Network Meetings

Different thematic, regional, and programmatic alumni groups come together in their own network meetings. These self-organised meetings aim to strengthen the networks, both internally and externally. Additionally, they bolster the group’s structure and identity.

The groups set their own objectives for their meetings, devise implementation strategies, and plan their own projects. And of course, connections and contacts to related groups and networks are always available and welcomed.

Further Trainings

In workshops, conferences, educational trips, seminars, debates, simulation games, and other forms of trainings, alumni can share their knowledge with others or learn from the experts themselves. The goal in both cases is to pass on what they have learned back to the group.


Our network also offers forums, which are aimed at alumni with greater professional experience. Spanning across different groups and programs, forums provide venues for alumni working in related political, economic, cultural, and civic fields to share their professional or personal interests in mutual exchange about socio-political or other topics relevant to MitOst.


Experienced alumni act as volunteer mentors to their group members and current scholars, lending advice and support to projects and activities. This allows them to stay up to date with the current topics of our work while furthering their own personal development. A particularly attractive feature of mentoring is that it creates synergies of resources and knowledge between different programs to the advantage of all involved.

Knowledge Management

Knowledge Management incorporates a pool of accumulated expertise, databases, libraries, guidelines, and other tools for on- and offline use. Our Knowledge Management system is the result of several years’ worth of alumni activities that we have recorded, optimised, and extended. By making this knowledge readily available, future generations of alumni can realise their own processes, ideas, projects, and activities more efficiently.


Online tools and platforms are important for our alumni activities, as they simplify our communications, and project work. Here, alumni are free to find the right balance of tools for their needs.

New Freestyle Formats

With MitOst, there is always the possibility of creating something new. We try to limit your ideas as little as possible, because we believe that our organisation and its alumni activities thrive on the creativity, flexibility, and diversity of our network.