Activities 2016

Reshaping Alumni work - Robert Bosch Lectureship Program
Hamburg, Germany | 28 December
Contact: Franziska Knapp

Alumni networking Rhein-Main
Darmstadt, Germany | 26 November
Conatact: Martin Hofmann

MitOst Eco-Houses
MitOst Alumni and eco-houses coordinators from Georgia, Armenia, Moldova, Ukraine, Poland and Germany exchange about their experiences and discuss about the potential and the future of eco-houses.
Tsemi, Georgia |28 September-2 August
Contact: Nino Ugrekhelidze

Bridge It! Alumnimeeting
Annual meeting of Bridge It! alumni of different years
Velikij Novgorod, Russia | 23-25 September
Concact: Anna Kukushkina

About the relations of the centre and the periphery

Robert-Bosch Foundation Alumni exchange about the connections and tensions between the city and the countryside.
Gleima, Germany | 9-12 September
Contact: Katja Pessl

Enjoy working
International communication camp, that aims at building a platform for the exchange of experiences, knowledge and skills in non-formal education among alumni of the programme "New Horizons" and young people (for example coaches in the field of non-formal education) in the EU and neighboring countries.
Krasnodar Region, Russia | 29 July–05 August
Contakt: Natalia Skorik

Mentor’s Lab
Field trip for mentors and mentoring experts
Georgia | July
Contact: Teona Dalakishvili

Alumni meeting of tutors and stipendiaries of the Student Service International of Robert Bosch Stiftung
Bautzen, Germany | 30 June–3 July
Contact: Justyna Tur

Alumni meeting Europainstitut Klaus Mehnert

Mainz, Germany | 23–26 June
Contact: Julia Golla

Goerdeler Alumni meeting

Alumni of Goerdeler Kolleg for Good Governance discuss the relations between Russia, Ukraine and Turkey.
St. Petersburg, Russia | 17–19 June
Contact: Andrej Miller

Study trip: Athens in and beyond the crises
Athens, Greece | 12–15 May
Contact: Giorgos Monogioudis

MitOst Family Generation
Tbilisi, Georgia | 15 March–31 May
Contact: Nino Gvarjaladze-Lawrinko

Online Civic Activism
Alumni from Belarus, Polnd and Ukraine exchanging about "Online civic activism as a way to promote good causes"
Kyiv, Ukraine | 1–3 April
Contact: Viktar Shalenchanka

Keep Cool Together
Similtation games and board games as tools and methods for non-formal education
Chisinau, Ungheni, Moldova; Kiev, Livi, Charkiv, Ukraine | 29 March–30 April
Contact: Lilia Tkachuk

A follow up activity of the alumni meeting in Vanadzor, Armenia in 2015. Alumni exchange about environmental education and sustainable development.
Tsey, Russia | 22–26 April
Contact: Anastasia Pobednova

Plener on Khata-Maysternya

Babyn, Ukraine | 20–24 April
Contact: Nadiia Kushnir

Follow up on project ideas

Yerevan, Vanadzor, Armenia | April
Contact: Varsenik Minasyan

Online Civic Activism
Kyiv, Ukraine | 1–3 April
Contact: Viktar Shalenchanka


Leipzig | 29–31 January
Contact: Christoph Schütz