Activities of our Alumni Work

MitOst provides an infrastructure for its alumni that offers possibilities for networking, exchanging knowledge , receiving support, developing new ideas, and finding likeminded people. These possibilities come to life during our annual International MitOst Festival, as well as during meetings, workshops, Salons, forums, and more. Another way to engage is by working with our organisational committees or mentoring different MitOst projects. Furthermore, MitOst offers experience, skills, and venues for the implementation of larger and longer-term projects within the scope of its thematic core areas: active citizenship and cultural exchange.

Support for these alumni activities is made possible primarily by funding from the Robert Bosch Stiftung and by MitOst membership fees.

Funding Opportunities

Would you like to become active, but need support? Learn about the different possibilities here.


Activities initiated by MitOst alumni.




Different formats of MitOst alumni work and how they are carried out.