Alumni Activities

Alumni activities are self-organised and impact-oriented. In thematic or sector-specific expert networks and also in cross-group and cross-sectorial formats alumni are involved in the fields of cultural exchange, active citizenship, social cohesion and sustainable urban development.

MitOst provides an infrastucture that can be used by alumni to connect, share knowledge, to support each other, and to develop new ideas. The annual International MitOst Festival, exchange during meetings, forums and other formats, engaging in committee work and the organisation or mentorship of MitOst projects provide opportunity for alumni to be active.


During the Governance Structure Process, the vision of MitOst as a network organisation was developed and adopted by the Members' Assembly of 2019.

As part of this vision the voluntary project work at MitOst is being restructured. The purpose is to make project formats more accessible to a wider group of people active in the MitOst network, to strengthen the connections between different groups of the network, to make the application process easier as well as to reshape the selection process to become more transparent and more participatory.

Funding for projects is on hold while this concept is being developed.