Alumni Lectureship Program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung

About Us

Almost 1000 lecturers have been involved in the Lectureship Program during its 25 years of existence. The first alumni project of the lecturers was founding MitOst e.V. in 1996.


The alumni cooperate in a variety of activities to network and exchange ideas.


  • The alumni have an internal mailing list. It serves as a platform for information exchange, organising regional meetings, as well as an opportunity to share job offers and event announcements. Registration: send a blank e-mail to: boschalumni-subscribe(at)
  • There is also a Xing group and a closed facebook group, where you can find familiar faces and share information. You can also find the Lectureship Program on Twitter.
  • Alumni events (such as regulars' tables or smaller meetings) are also organised regionally in Germany and Austria. There are contact persons for one or the other region and a mailing list, where alumni share their hobbies and offer accommodation. For more information please contact lektoren(at)
  • To stay in touch across programmes and to foster the exchange with the Robert Bosch Stiftung, the some alumni founded the Initiative Berlin Bosch Alumni. Once or twice a year, former and current scholarship holders meet in unusual places in Berlin. registration: ibba(at)
  • The alumni are also active on the platform Bosch Alumni Network. The Bosch Alumni Network, which is coordinated by iac Berlin, connects former and current scholarship holders as well as employees of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and its partner organisations.


The mentoring programme supports lecturers at the end of their funding period when (re-)entering the German job market. A former lecturer will accompany a current lecturer (mentee) as a mentor after their lectureship abroad. Contact: goldmann(at)


Alumni Representation:
Anne Zwiefelhofer und Laura Friedrich


Lectureship Program of the Robert Bosch Stiftung
Local Lecturers

Anne Zwiefelhofer
Laura Friederich