Actors of Alumni Work

Currently, there are almost 4.000 alumni within the MitOst Alumni Network. Volunteer representatives serve to articulate and advocate for their interests. Here, the alumni themselves are free to formulate their own transparent election procedure.

Representatives communicate the needs and wishes of the alumni to the Board, as well as inform fellow alumni about work and funding opportunities from MitOst. Jointly, the Board and the alumni representatives decide on the integration of new alumni groups into the organisation of MitOst.

Once per year, a member of the Board takes responsibility for alumni work. This person manages the available funds and supports alumni activities. They also cooperate with staff from MitOst’s headquarters to communicate between different alumni groups and provide input for further developments.

Independently of their membership at MitOst, the alumni are former scholars of the following programmes:

Carl Friedrich Goerdeler-Kolleg for Good Governance

Representatives: Claire Luzia Leifert

Europa gestalten – politische Bildung in Aktion

Representatives: Julia Suchar and Svetlana Kirova

Europainstitut Klaus Mehnert

Representative: Joanna Szymanska

Robert Bosch Kulturmanager Netzwerk

Representatives: Silke Wittig, Marta Klepo, Gwendolenn Sharp and Virág Major

Lektorenprogramm (inkl. Tandemlektoren)

Representatives: Moritz Ehl, Susann Hartleib, Kristin Koppius, Magdalena Blender and Jane Neugebauer

Tutorenprogramm / Studentenservice International

Representative: Justyna Tur

Völkerverständigung macht Schule

Representatives: Karoline Müller und Florian Moosbauer

Portraits of MitOst-alumni

Here, some alumni introduce themselves.

Information and Contact

Do you have an idea about how to develop our alumni work, or would you yourself like to become active in alumni activities? Would you like benefit from our experience by joining our groups as new alumni?

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions, ideas or concerns under: alumni(at)