Theodor-Heuss-Kolleg is a programme of Robert Bosch Stiftung and MitOst supporting young people who are determined to engage as pro-active and self-reliant citizens. Our tools encompass seminars, alternative education/tacit knowledge, backing voluntary projects and providing mentorship programmes. We accompany our fellows over several months: in seminars, like-minded young people have the chance to discuss social themes and develop ideas for their first projects.


In order to enhance our fellows' individual competencies, they take part in training on project management, fundraising and communication skills. Our qualifications concept allows us to concentrate on the personal development of the individual through strengthening their social skills and their ability to assume responsibility.

International Cooperation

In our focus regions we work together with partners in local or cross-border partnership programmes.

Active and Diverse Civil Society

We promote a culture of active citizenship, which for us stands for transparency, openness, trust, diversity-consciousness, equality-approach and social responsibility. 

Cooperation programmes


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