Promprylad – Synergetic eco-system for transformation in the Post-Industrial Area of Ivano-Frankivsk

Promprylad is a new format for inclusive learning environments (“learning cloud” or "university of resilience") which will combine cultural, educational, urbanistic and business elements. Promprylad is a cross-sectoral space for social gatherings and innovations, where one can contemplate, explore and co-learn. It's a transformative creative eco-system which would foster more trust, confidence and capability in the local community by involving them in the creation of this space on a participatory basis as well as by empowering the local community through increased opportunity and fostering synergies. In this way, we aim to cultivate a high(er) quality of life, more cohesion among the local community and foster decentralisation processes in a creative and holistic way.

On a bigger scale, Promprylad aims to be a catalyst in city reformation by leading to an irreversible positive change and supporting a region with unfavorable preconditions to develop dynamically in a global context.

Through this combination of functions and a variety of different players, we want to create an innovative and replicable social entrepreneurship model which can be used as a prototype for other territories with similar preconditions. The geographical position of Ivano-Frankvisk ensures the international context of the project: five neighbouring countries - Poland, Romania, Hungary, Slovakia and Moldova - are located around 500 kilometers from the city and can be reached in just a few hours.

The project is created by four strong partners from Ukraine - Teple MistoInsha OsvitaGarage Gang und CANactions - which have already united to work on the drafts of this innovative concept. MitOst joined the Promprylad team in October 2016 as the European partner of the project and is currently supporting the development and fundraising phase with its expertise and contacts. We see this ambitious project as an unintended impact of our long-term work in Ukraine, including the International MitOst Festival 2015 in Ivano-Frankivsk.

Context - Potential

Ivano-Frankivsk is developing rapidly. Powerful positive trends gain popularity. Civil society becomes institutionally stronger and is able to influence the development of the city, new local initiatives appear, businesses unite around the topic of sustainability and social responsibility. Even in unfavourable surroundings the local community continues to demonstrate a substantial potential for entrepreneurship. In the last two years cultural actors, activists, social entrepreneurs and artists moved to Ivano-Frankivsk as IDPs and expats and joined the creative class of the city, thereby strengthening its image. Such changes along with activities of local initiatives have sustained the dynamics of the rapid city development. All these processes create favourable conditions for the launch of an ambitious project prototype in the city.

Context - Challenges

The Soviet Union regime, social economy and intensive industrialisation of the area during that time indeed shaped the way the community of Ivano-Frankivsk has lived until now – not only in terms of the urban set up but also in people's mentality and perception. The past ideas of the state as the only leading force and intrapreneurship are still in the air, and sometimes serve as reasons why inhabitants do not feel the responsible for their environment or as a good base for radical nationalism. It is also important to take into account the fact that Ivano-Frankivsk was a closed city due to it’s military status. One could enter only with permission, leading to many safety concerns. The lack of alternative education, promoting individual way of thinking and creating as opposed to memorising and repeating often prevents progress. And even if there is a desire for change, there aren’t enough competencies or means to fill such demand.

With such post-Soviet industrial and mental heritage, modern Ukrainian society is confronted with the urgent need for innovative and efficient use of (post) industrial areas changing their initial economic role. Ivano-Frankivsk is not an exception in this trend. According to current general outlay about 15% of the areas are allocated for industrial zones in the city. Most of them do not maximize their full potential. At the same time, because of the war, economic stress and a great wave of forced internal migration, Ivano-Frankivsk, like many other Ukrainian cities, is lacking a communication platform to mobilize the proactive base of the city and to utilize its maximum potential of the current decentralisation reform. This demand is of particular relevance due to the historically conservative and relatively closed local context. The great capacity for self-employment and development of small and medium businesses has only been partially reached in the region. Local citizens often cannot transfer their strong willingness to entrepreneurship into real and effective actions because of the lack of basic competencies.

Recognising this potential and these challenges, observing examples of similar international and Ukrainian practices that perform significant economic and social effect by revitalizing industrial objects into "hot spots" of creative economy, and having a desire to work in a value based and innovative coalition Teple Misto, Insha Osvita, Garage Gang and CANactions have united to develop a new format for the educational and creative platform based in the Promprylad factory.

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The project team is continuously looking for potential partners and supporters from different sectors, which means you have a chance to be one of the vision co-creators in the research and shaping phase.

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