Pilorama Lab discussions took place despite obstacles

Although the long-awaited European Forum for Young Professionals "Pilorama Lab" 2013 could not be organised due to administrative hurdles and refusal of the agreed part of co-financing from the local authorities in the Perm region, we have not given up. Despite obstacles, the organisers decided to carry out part of the planned programme of Pilorama Lab in the form of two public discussions with invited experts, journalists and public figures from Russia and various European countries.

On July 26, 2013, the discussions "Public Journalists: Opinion Leaders or Outsiders?" and "Europe and the Crisis. Perspectives for the Russia-EU Relations" were held at the conference hall of the AMAKS Premier Hotel in Perm.

"It was very important for us to preserve at least a part of the announced programme and go on working at topics which are considered actual ones for the modern society. We are grateful to all the partners who joined our initiative and helped us to organise discussions. We do hope that the regional power will revise its position in the future and be open for the co-operation again," commented Zoya LUKYANOVA, General Director at the Civic Engagement Institute.

As speakers, the leading experts from Russia and EU were invited: Steffen ANGENENDT (Germany), Evgeny BABUSHKIN (Russia), Jakub BENEDYCZAK (Poland), Harry HUMMEL (the Netherlands), Svetlana MAKOVETSKAYA (Russia), Stefan MELLE (Germany), Alexander MOROZOV (Russia), Vesna TERŠELIČ (Croatia), Elena SHKARUBO (Russia), Jury KUROPTEV (Russia), Julius v. FREYTAG-LORINGHOVEN (Russia), Tatyana MARGOLINA (Russia)

The topics and the speakers attracted a large audience of representatives of the wider social circles of the Perm Region, Russia, and Europe – associates of nonprofit organisations as well as state power bodies, human rights activists, students and lecturers at the higher education institutions, journalists, and further interested citizens.

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The first European Forum for Young Professionals "Pilorama Lab"

took place in July 2012 at the Memorial Centre of the History of Political Repressions "Perm 36".

The core idea of "Pilorama Lab" was to give young professionals from all over Europe an opportunity to come together, to exchange and discuss civil society issues as well as to transfer their knowledge to the International Civil Forum "Pilorama", covering generation gaps among professionals and extending partnership networks.

"Pilorama Lab" brought together 120 participants and experts from more than 15 European countries.

Interdisciplinary master classes had been led on the following topics:


  • Urban Space. Environment. Civic Participation
  • National Identity. Ethno-economics. Ecology
  • Historical Legacy. Civic Education. Design
  • Social Entrepreneurship. Businesses and NGOs
  • Framing "Pilorama Lab"


The final discussion of the forum, "European Civil Society: Space for Dialogue between Citizens and States", created a bridge to the International Civil Forum "Pilorama".

"Pilorama Lab" was initiated by the Civic Engagement Institute (Russia), the Memorial Centre of the History of Political Repressions "Perm 36" (Russia), MitOst e.V. (Germany), and the German-Russian Exchange (Germany-Russia), and supported by the EU–Russia Civil Society Forum, the Ministry of Culture, Youth Policy, and Mass Communications of the Perm Region, the Commissioner for Human Rights in the Perm Region as well as within the Programme of European Union "Youth in Action".

After the successful start of "Pilorama Lab", the organizers decided to make the forum an annual event.


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