Platform for Social Innovation

How can NGOs, foundations, commerce, social entrepreneurs, administrations and socially committed citizens in Russia and its neighbouring countries be encouraged to participate actively in society and enter into strategic collaborations with partners at home and abroad?

MitOst, together with the BMW Stiftung Herbert Quandt and the Robert Bosch Stiftung, established the Platform for Social Innovation at the end of 2014. It provides a framework for exchange, networking and training – for professionals, facilitators and intermediaries from civil society, administration, commerce and science. Together with international and local partners, projects are developed that enable cross-sectoral and transnational cooperation as well as open dialogue.

The Impact Hub Moscow is one of the Platforms most important partners in Russia. The center supports socially significant entrepreneurial projects and is part of the Global Impact Hub Network, with 92 centres in 49 countries. 


Round table with Berlin mayor in Moscow

On 15 March 2017, MitOst together with Impact Hub Moscow invited Russian social start-up's to a Round Table with the governing mayor of Berlin.



Social Impact Days

improve the socio-political climate for social innovation in Russia and its neighbouring countries.

Summer Impact Talks

are an annual series of discussions and workshops implemented in cooperation with Impact Hub Moscow. 

Summer School on Social Entrepreneurship in Northern Caucasus

brings students and experts in exchange about the latest developments in the region's social entrepreneurship activities.

Social Impact Award Russia

for student projects was launched in 2014 by Impact Hub Moscow. The Platform for Social Innovation was one of the earliest partners of the project.

Pro Bono 

The Platform for Social Innovation as agenda-setter for Pro Bono activities in Russia and the neighbouring countries.

Contact person

Zoya Lukyanova
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