II. European Forum – Active Citizenship: Diversity & Inclusion (2016/2017)

Today’s societies are as diverse as the people who shape them. Cities constantly transform and are characterized by pluralism in many different regards. Diversity management has become part of universities’ curricula and the corporate world starts to it as a potential means to promote creative innovation. But, this attitude is far from being widespread in contemporary society. On the contrary: As a reaction to the new migration movements, polarisation and social exclusion have been rising yet again. This means reverting back to a binary world view where “we” and “the others” juxtapose in opposition.  Therefore, the main question of the Forum will be: How can diversity be promoted as an asset rather than as a drawback?

Networking and exchange

The first network meeting of the Forum took place in the frame of the International MitOst Festival in October 2016 in Tbilisi (Georgia), the final meeting took place from 12 to 16 February 2017 in Berlin. Between the meetings, the participants used their mobility grants to visit each other. They exchanged views on their working methods and contexts in the field of diversity and inclusion, discussed about the possibilities of an inclusive society and came up with first ideas for joint projects. This exchange was successfully continued during the meeting in Berlin – among the participants as well as with represantatives of Berlin organisations in the framework of the MitOst Salon which took place on 13 February 2017 at the MitOst headquarters.


Abbas Sbeity (Architects for Change, Lebanon), Aleh Koba (Youth Art Theatre Ulan-Ude, BY/RU), Ana Alibegova (Association for Education Mladiinfo International, Macedonia), Andi Bregu (Multi-Languages Cafe', Albania), Cédric Bischetti (Makers For Change, France), Christine Brandauer (Fundacja Otwarty Dialog, Poland), Cristina Vîrlan (Phoenix Riser Association, Moldova), Cristina-Maria Vatiuta (Institute for Promoting Democacy, Romania), Dounia Cherfaoui (École Polytechnique d'Architecture et d'Urbanisme, Algeria), Giulia Maci (Urbego, Denmark), Yuliya Malkova (ProWomen.by, Belarus), Ivana Bartulovic (Belgrade Open School, Serbia), Richard Owusu Kyei (Morning Star Social Organsiation, Netherlands), Kristina Zaplatina (Interra, Russia), Liubov Kuznetsova (Social Impact Hub Effendi Villa, Georigia), Michail Vasilakis M.D. (Positive Voice, Greece), Mimis Petridis (ZZP, Netherlands), Naemi Zoe Keuler (LABW, Germany), Nino Ugrekhelidze (TASO Foundation - Women's Fund And Memory Research Center, Georgia), Oleksii Krasnoshchokov (pidmoga.info, Ukraine), Pia Lanzinger (Germany), Reham Z. Elgebaly (Egyptian Ministry of Education), Ruta Vimba (Kulturlabor Trial&Error e.V., Germany), Sandra Oborska (Polish Emirati Business Club, Poland), Shikainah Champion (National Health Service, UK), Siham Morabite (Morocco) and Tamuna Gurchiani (Georgia).

Contact person
Kathrin Oerters
Project Manager
T +49 (0) 30/31 51 74 63

Overview of participants and their working fields
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