Year of Community

Panos Gorgiou

MitOst Vision 2021

Since 2019, MitOst is gradually becoming a network organisation based on the creative power of people, self-government, wholeness and purpose. Common practices and projects in which we can meet and work together in meaningful ways are part of the MitOst Vision 2021. We call these the MitOst Commons.

Year of Community

The creative power of people coming together is one of the founding ideas of MitOst. This is not all that is needed to work meaningfully in today's world, but it is the basic condition for any change. We believe in the enormous potential and beauty of connections that arise by nurturing a common space where MitOst as a whole comes together. As we as individuals and communities transform, we shape the future of societies.

The Year of Community is an invitation to deepen our experience as community, further develop and promote being and creating together at MitOst. This year is all about being and doing!

Co-Creation Space

The Co-Creation Space is a monthly format in the Year of Communityto deepen the experience as a community, to further develop being together and creating together at MitOst.

Our calling question is:

How can we nurture community in times of uncertainty and complexity and, together, shape new ways towards a just, sustainable and liveable future?

During the monthly Co-Creation Space participants are invited to join the conversations and prototypes that have been already created, or start new ones. The Co-Creation Space takes place on the last Thursday of the month.

Community Membership

As MitOst community we consider members, alumni, participants, staff of the entities, collaborators, interested people. Community membership is a practice rather than a set of rights and responsibilities. Everyone can become a community member by participating in the Year of Community.

The purpose of the community membership is:
● To connect as an individual to the network organisation
● To foster and promote decentralised, self-organized activities that contribute to the network organisation’s commons
● To cultivate P2P, co-creation, sharing, prototyping, experimentation, regeneration within the network

The community membership is shaped by community members and is dynamic in its development.

Experimenting and Prototyping

The Year of the Community is a year of experimentation. During this year, we want to lay the foundations of the MitOst Commons. We want to support each other in bold initiatives and at the same time focus on learning from each other.

The Year of Community is everything that community members decide to initiate together. Here you can learn about the existing prototypes.

Activities and learnings from the Year of Community will be discussed at the MitOst Camp and the MitOst Agoras. At the 19th International MitOst Festival in 2021 the journey will come to an end and the community will decide on future paths on the basis of insights and learnings.

Financial support

Within the Year of Community, financial means are available for the realisation of prototypes. Funds will be distributed in a community-based participative decision-making process. A part of the financial means will be invested to sustain a platform to serve as a space for knowledge-sharing, communication and exchange. 


Become a co-host of the Year of Community and share your idea with us at community(at)

Become a co-creator of the Year of Community and join us for the next Co-Creation Space.

Become a Friend of the Year of Community and sign up for the communication channels.

Downloads: Decision of the members’ assembly 2020

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