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MitOst member projects are financed to a large extent by the annual membership fees. Becoming a (sponsoring) member is therefore the easiest way to support our association's goals! Read more

Donations for MitOst

You would like to support our activities? We are glad about any amount you are able to donate! Of course, we can provide a donation receipt for your tax return. 

Please donate to:

MitOst e.V.
GLS Gemeinschaftsbank eG
IBAN: DE18430609671176952807

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MitOst is fostering cultural exchange and civic engagement throughout Europe and its neighbouring regions.

Members can apply for funding and support in order to implement their own projects and thus implement their share to the association's goals.

Next to the annual membership fees, donations are an important basis for supporting volontary project work and ensure the necessary administrative structure of MitOst.