MitOst Project Funding

Apply until 30th September 2018 for the MitOst project funding for Join-in projects. [more]

Vacancies at MitOst

We are looking for an Operations Manager to support the Tandem team. Apply until 4th October 2018. [more]

Reflection, Confidence and Scaling Up:

An interview with Sjoerd Bootsma. Alumni and Co-Designer of Tandem, programme manager of Leeuwarden-Friesland 2018 – European Capital of Culture. [more]

Social Entrepreneurship Guidebook for Civil Society Organisations

One year ago EcoLab has launched a very useful Guidebook for civil society organisations. "Irrespective of the society in which you live, there are problems around you that need solutions. The nature and severity of these issues,... [more]

Call for Hosts

We are looking for you to host the International MitOst Festivals 2019 & 2020 [more]

Open Jobs at MitOst - We are looking for you!

We are looking for members to support the navigation through the MitOst cosmos on deck starting 6th October 2018. [more]

MitOst Call for Interns

We are looking for interns who want to become part of our team. Support the MitOst Festival and the programme CitizensLab. Apply until 17 July 2018. [more]