MitReise 2015 to Athens

The next MitReise will go to Athens from 3rd to 8th of July 2015. The participants will explore the contrasts of Athens – from past glory of great thinkers to the present deadlocks. Local experts, actors from civil society and... [more]

Support Members Project

theater and performance project ¡everything’s different? in Ukraine Dear MitOst members and friends! We are looking for active and passive supporters for our theater and performance project ¡everything’s different? in Ukraine:... [more]

Call for application: Coordination International MitOst-Festival 2016

We are looking for a coordinator who organises the International MitOst-Festival 2016 together with MitOst, a local team and his/her city. This application is considered as a proposal of the festival location at the same time. ... [more]

MitOst Camp, 29.–30.05.2015 in Berlin

The MitOst-Camp 2015 will take place from 29th to 30th of May in Berlin. Topics Together with you, we would like to think about the future of MitOst. What are your visions for MitOst? In what direction should MitOst develop... [more]

TANDEM Turkey goes for a third round! Apply now!

Do you want to join the TANDEM family? Tandem Turkey is looking for participants in EU countries & Turkey. Spread the word or apply yourself! Call is open now! We call for applicants for the Partner Forum to take place in İzmir... [more]

Call for applications: Cook MitOst

Want to feed healthy? Are you interested in vegetarian recipes of "MitOst Countries"? Do you want to cook together with MitOst members? Alumni and MitOst members are kindly invited to attend the workshop which will take place in... [more]

Support for Language and Cultural Projects

Until 31st of March 2015 you have the opportunity to submit your ideas for Language and Cultural Projects. Those projects are funded by MitOst means and aim at improvement of dialogue and exchange as well as enhancement of... [more]