Open Jobs at MitOst - We are looking for you!

We are looking for members to support the navigation through the MitOst cosmos on deck starting 6th October 2018. [more]

MitOst Call for Interns

We are looking for interns who want to become part of our team. Support the MitOst Festival and the programme CitizensLab. Apply until 17 July 2018. [more]

KlickOst 2018

You made it happen! Thanks to your votes the project team of “ECOBoom” will be funded within the frame of the KlickOst contest. In total, 59 MitOst members voted for their favourite projects: [more]

Connecting Civil Society Today

Would you like to share a story of resilience, citizens’ agencies and processes of positive societal transformation reshaping the way to organise local realities and communities? We are keen to hear your story at the MitOst... [more]

Vacancies at MitOst

Application open until 10 July 2018: We are looking for a student assistant to support the projects "Civil Society Exchange" and "Toolbox for Citizens" [more]

Neighbours Café and MitOst Community Meeting

You are invited to join us in Lichtenberg on 22 June 2018. [more]

KlickOst 2018

KlickOst contest. Vote for your favourite project by June 30th, 2018. [more]