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theater and performance project ¡everything’s different? in Ukraine

Dear MitOst members and friends!

We are looking for active and passive supporters for our theater and performance project ¡everything’s different? in Ukraine:

There is a war going on in Ukraine. For Ukrainians, the war and its underlying social conflict is a part of their everyday life. The project ¡everything’s different? shall reflect on the conflict within a theater and performance art festival: How does the conflict influence the individuals?

The artists from the different regions of Ukraine and the neighboring countries will show a lot of insight in their personal experiences. They will meet colleagues from other backgrounds and will communicate with each other and with the audience. An additional program, for example, visiting of refugee camps, shall serve as a bridge from the theater to the reality. The festival program shall be shown at four locations in Ukraine. A guest performance in Germany is planned.

We are looking for:

  • Interested supporters, who want to get involved in the organization and implementation of the festival,
  • Artists, who apply for the participation in the festival.


The invited artists will be selected by a jury within a competition process. We would like to obtain the concepts which include 15-20-minute presentation. The detailed information for the artists is given in the attachment.

Target group: artists from Ukraine and neighboring countries.
Deadline for concepts submission: May 15, 2015
Period for four performances: from mid-September to the end of November 2015

If you know artist, theatre or performance groups or cultural event managers:
Please forward the attached PDF-file containing all information (German version, English version, Ukrainian version, Russian version) about the competition to your contacts. Please get in touch with us! It is very important for the project to spread the information on the competition. Thank you very much!

If you are interested in participating in one of the project groups or in the festival?
> Please get in touch with us! We will discuss it together.

If you are interested in developing a performance as a mentor with the artists from your environment?
> Please get in touch with us! It is an exciting challenge and we'll give you all important information.

If you think, the festival should be shown in your city or town in Ukraine. Would you actively support the arrangements?
> Please get in touch with us! We explore the possibilities together.

If your work or occupation is connected thematically with the festival or if you have some own program that could be combined:
> Please get in touch with us! Our festival is open to exciting ideas.

Thank you for your support and for your feedback - we appreciate all messages, questions and tips! If you are interested: follow us on Facebook: ua.festival.

The project team of
¡everything’s different? – a theatre and performance project about the conflict in Ukraine The winner of the " +" 2015 - a program of the Schering Foundation and MitOst e.V. In cooperation with VladOpera e.V., Kultura Medialna and others.

Peter Schwarz – Project Management
Jury Matskiv – Coordination in Lviv
Julya Owtcharenko – Coordination in Dnipropetrovsk

Contact details:
Peter Schwarz, E-Mail: ua.festival(at)