Opening Impact Hub in Moscow

The new Impact Hub in Moscow will be an innovation and founding center for social impact and social change. It will be the place to go for a community of like-minded people who inspire, collaborate and are passionate about doing things differently. The Impact Hub is a flexible, open space to focus, work, prototype and share skills. The Hub Moscow offers a diverse community of people from the non-profit scene, the administration and the private sector as well as young activists a unique ecosystem of resources and opportunities to grow the positive impact of their work. The community will be supported with educational programs and professionals trainings as well as events and workshops. From Thursday, the 20th of November on the new Impact Hub in Moscow will be open for anybody who has great ideas to change the world in a positive way. MitOst and its partners from the BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt and the Robert Bosch Stiftung will join the opening. Zoya Lukyanova supported the founders of the Hub Moscow on behalf of MitOst during the foundation phase of the past months. She will be the manager of the planned office of MitOst in Moscow. The office will be set up at the new Impact Hub in Moscow, the place for Changemakers and social impact.

Anastasia Gulyavina one of the co-founders tells why and how the Impact Hub can help to solve social problems in Russia. The Interview was conducted by Catherine Müller-Wenk, BMW Foundation Herbert Quandt.


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