OPEN CALL: Creative workshops + FEST - Berlin-Kaliningrad

Within the RAUM SPACE festival of contemporary art.
Creative workshops - TOOLS WITHOUT RULES

We launch an OPEN CALL for artists, curators, and art managers based in Kaliningrad and Berlin.
DEADLINE for accepting applications is OCTOBER 5, 2020

Workshop calendar:
October 19 - 25: online session, Berlin-Kaliningrad.
December 14 -21: offline session, Kaliningrad.

Application for artists, curators, and art managers based in Kaliningrad and Berlin:

TOOLS WITHOUT RULES creative workshops invite artists, curators, and art managers from Kaliningrad and Berlin to explore modern art tools and strategies and learn about the ways to engage with the professional art community. The workshops include an online Berlin-Kaliningrad session with the participation of experts from Russia and Germany and an offline workshop session in Kaliningrad. The participants are expected to actively interact with each other within the process of creating their art projects. The final works of the artists will be demonstrated at the RAUM SPACE pop-up festival on December 19-20, 2020.

Workshop topics:
1. Models for artistic self-organization.
2. Art practice in educational and social fields.
3. Artists' cooperation with non-profit organizations.
4. Digitalization of the art market. Forms of artistic activity in the online environment.
5. Strategies of street art and its institutionalization issues.
6. Participatory/cooperation practices as an artistic method.
7. Capacity building in producing and curating for artists.

The main objective of these workshops and the project is to establish and develop professional links between representatives of art communities of the two cities, and to get them acquainted with various methods and strategies of art production.

24.09.20-30.09.20: the development of workshops in Kaliningrad and Berlin (online).
19.10.20-24.10.20: workshops in Kaliningrad and Berlin (online/offline).
01.11.20-10.12.20: the development of international art collaborations (online).
14.12.20-18.12.20: collaborative work on art projects in Kaliningrad (offline).
19.12.20-20.12.20: RAUM SPACE festival of contemporary art (offline).

Terms and conditions:
Travel expenses (transportation and meals) are paid by the project organizers. Friendly-exchange format accommodation: participants from Berlin are accommodated in the living spaces of participants from Kaliningrad during the offline workshop session. The organizers assist and coordinate the accommodation of participants. Insurance is not included in the funding for this project.
Classes will be held in Russian and English without interpreting.

Project team:

Workshop curators:

Alexandra Goloborodko - curator, who has been organizing international exhibitions and cultural events since 2010 and is a founder of the curatorial independent initiative International Cultural Project Butterbrot and non-profit cultural association Kulturschafft e.V.
Leyli Aslanova - curator and artist. Leyli has been curating the exhibition program of ТВЦ MAKARONKA in Rostov-on-don since 2013. Since 2019, she has been running an artist laboratory called Serpentarium.
Executive producer:

Sergei Morozov - curator, producer, director. Sergei worked in Austria, Belarus and Russia. He teaches at the Higher School of Economics and Moscow School of New Literaure.


NGO Art-Vorota

ArtVorota is a community of curators and art managers that develops Kaliningrad's creative industries and promotes contemporary art and culture in the Kaliningrad region.

ostPunkt e. V.

ostPunkt e. V. is a non-profit organization based in Berlin that aims to support culture from Eastern Europe and present it to Berlin and Brandenburg

The RAUM SPACE festival of contemporary art a is implemented by NGO Art-Vorota (Kaliningrad) and ostPunkt e. V. (Berlin) in cooperation with the independent curatorial initiative International Cultural Project Butterbrot (Berlin), and with financial support from the German Ministry of foreign Affairs.