Online Check-In with the Board and Transition Coordinator

We are inviting you to an online check-in into our journey towards the MitOst Vision 2021.

On Monday, August 3, 2020 from 6 - 7.30pm Berlin time, we are opening a space for mutual exchange and deeper listening about current needs, ideas and news from the MitOst members and communities. We will bring in an update on the current state of the journey towards the MitOst Vision 2021 and are keen to hear your thoughts, questions, feedback, as well as to explore how, where and when you, members from various MitOst communities, can contribute to and co-shape the transition.

You can access the meeting via this link.

The online check-in is a pre-step to the online MitOst Agora which will start in October. If the format of the check-ins resonates, we will plan further check-ins until the start of the online agora.

The MitOst Agora will provide space and opportunity to discuss the future development of MitOst and the draft resolutions for the Members’ Assembly 2020 together with members from the different MitOst communities.

We are looking forward to you zooming in with us!

Barbara Anna Bernsmeier, Sabrina Schulz, Nurana Mammadova, Barna Petrányi, Karsten Michael Drohsel, Board

Ljiljana Šotra, Transition Coordinator